In Memory: Erik Kratky – YA Cancer Warrior

Erik (middle) with fellow St. Baldrick’s Day Participants (Rainbow nurses and Steven)
Erik and Steven “posing” for the camera.
photo eric closeup

I wanted to share some sad news about a young man who lost his battle with Cancer.

Erik Kratky lost his battle two weeks ago.

I didn’t personally know him, but have several photos of him as a result of his participation in the St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving Event at Rainbow, Babies and Children’s Hospital. An annual event that raises awareness and money for Pediatric and Adolescent Cancer Research.

You see, Erik and my son Steven participated in the Head Shaving event to honor the memory of young friends who have lost their battle and to encourage young people currently in treatment.

I have a bunch of photos of that event. Some of Erik and Steven laughing and some of pediatric oncology nurses willing to shave off their hair (and a little vanity) for Pediatric and Adolescent Cancer Research.

Steven had first met Erik in a YA Cancer Focus Group. According to Steven, Erik was deeply concerned for AYA Cancer Patients and wanted to make sure AYA cancer treatment was the best possible to ensure survivorship.

My heart aches over the loss of Erik. I can only imagine the grief his family is experiencing.

I pray for the entire family.

I pray that one day Pediatric and AYA Cancer Research will become a government priority, and that all our YOUNG WARRIORS will be told “there is a cure” and they can look forward to living a long healthy life.





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