Harry and Angie Giallourakis AYA Cancer Research Fund

The Steven G. Cancer Foundation (SGCF) believes that research is the cornerstone to finding a cure! In honor of our founders, as of 2021, are research arm of the organization has been named The Harry and Angie Giallourakis AYA Cancer Research Fund.

Historically, research for adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancers has been underfunded and AYA’s haven’t been included Clinical Trials. As a result, SGCF focuses our support towards research that will have a direct impact on the AYA cancer community.

Currently, we are assisting in funding research by Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and Tel Aviv Medical Center. Case Western University is sending a fourth-year trainee studying osteosarcoma to Tel Aviv Medical Center.

In the past, we have supported the following AYA research:

1. Provide scholarships to research fellows working the laboratory of Dr. Alex Huang at Case Medical School in Cleveland, Ohio.

2. PAYA (pediatric, adolescent and young adult) Cancer Research Conference Poster Session Awards

3. We awarded grants to AYA Cancer Research Scholars

To learn more about our research funding or to contribute to our efforts, please contact our Executive Director Nick Giallourakis at nick@elephantsandtea.com for more information or visit our donation page to give towards research!