Wellness Project Receives $3000 Grant from the National Philoptochos Society of America!

philoptochos Logo 2014The Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund would like to thank the National Philoptochos Society of America (www.philoptochos.org) for awarding us with a $3000 Grant. The generous grant will help support the WELLNESS PROJECT being conducted with the Angie Fowler Children, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Institute at University Hospitals of Cleveland.

The Wellness Project goal is to educate patients and families about the importance of good nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

Currently we are providing funding for weekly Smoothy Day serving pediatric oncology patients while in treatment.

This new grant will allow us to add another important component to the Wellness Project: to directly meet the needs of older adolescents and young adults. We are working with staff to develop a RELAXATION KIT for AYA’s during treatment. The KIT items will include aromatherapy products (scented products to help with nausia, anxiety or inability to sleep), relaxation CD’s, and reading materials.

There is medical research to support the introduction of Complementary Therapies during Cancer Treatment. Our hope is to increase the availability of these Therapies (such as massages and mindful meditation) considered appropriate for AYA’s during cancer treatment. We will continue to keep you posted on the Wellness Project as it moves forward.

Always know that your contributions to the Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund go directly to finding ways to help our young cancer warriors win the battle against this horrible disease!!!

We Won’t Rest Until There is a CURE!







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