We are HONORED to be selected as Charity of the Month by the McGladrey Group in Cleveland, Ohio.

This year McGladry LLP of Cleveland, Ohio selected the Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund as one of their Charities. The months of September and October will be filled with opportunities to raise money and awareness about AYA Cancer.

We thank McGladry LLP for their generosity and belief in the Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund as we continue to raise money for research, education and hope for the future of our young people fighting this terrible disease!

Please take a moment to visit for more information!


Smith Center for the Healing and the Arts 2013 Graduates

Last week I had to pleasure of participating in an intensive week long Integrative Patient Navigation training program at the Pearlstone Center in Baltimore, MD. Our training was sponsored by the Smith Center of Washington DC

How fortunate I was to be part of a group of wonderful, kind and dedicated individuals who desire to serve cancer survivors and their families. All of the participants had experience with cancer: professionally or personally. Most, I should state had a PERSONAL experience with cancer. Each of us shared our experiences with cancer which lended itself to the learning process. No stone was left unturned. Integrative Patient Navigation is a serious and heartfelt vocation. Our lessons began in the early morning and stretched into the evening hours. They were filled with research based information that will enable us to appropriately serve survivors and their families. Our experiences went beyond the text book. We were encouraged to engage each other and simulate  patient navigation to ensure comprehension.

So what is Integrative Patient Navigation?

According to the Smith Center “Integrative Patient Navigation in cancer care refers to personalized assistance and support offered to individuals and their caregivers facing cancer.”

An Integrative Patient Navigator can (1) facilitate access to treatment, (2) honor the cultural and religious believe of the individual, (3) increase patient’s knowledge of resources, tool and skills to help them cope with their disease, (4) provide information  and teach about the healing power of nutrition, stress reduction, mind-body skills, and creative resources, and their role in treatment and survivorship, (5) support patients and caregivers emotionally and spiritually, (6) help improve the quality of the cancer experience, (7) empower individuals to become more engaged in their health care experience and healing process, and (8) be available to the patient throughout the course of the cancer experience, from screening through diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivorship, including recurrence and/end-of-life (Smith Center, 2013).

Many of you may have (or will) receive services from an Integrative Patient Navigator. They are highly trained professionals, and are often oncology nurses, oncology social workers, integrative practitioners, cancer survivors, or former caregivers.  They are also people who deeply care and want to ease suffering from this horrible disease.

From time to time I will be including information about Integrative Medicine. In addition please look for a new  Resource Section on  Integrative Medicine.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Patient Navigation.

We are in this together and we will not rest until there is a cure.


Have Hope and Be Courageous!

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