Patricia O'Donnell, Community Relations Coordinator for EarthFare Supermarket in Fairview Park, Ohio.

Patricia O’Donnell, Community Relations Coordinator

EarthFare Supermarket, Fairview Park, Ohio

Thank you EarthFare Supermarket for joining forces with the SGAYA Cancer Research Fund to provide Healthy Foods to Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients and their Families.

Research has shown that PAYA Cancer Patients have a better chance of surviving their cancer and remaining healthy if they are well nourished. This means that the majority of their meals should be fresh vegetables, legumes and fruits!!


Part of our mission includes helping  patients survive their cancer through education.  You can imagine our satisfaction knowing that dads and moms, as well as young patients, are enjoying refreshing smoothies. 

This past Friday was Green Smoothie day, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Stephanie Jordan, Child life Worker, whipped up Green Smoothies that contained fresh pineapple, bananas, spinach, coconut water, and yogurt. 

Everyone (parents and children) agreed that despite the undesirable greenish hue of the beverage…it was quite tasty!!! One dad was reluctant…but after he took a sip…well what can I say…he really enjoyed the healthy drink!

Smoothie Fridays not only provide a healthy introduction to refreshing beverages, but a welcomed distraction to the often stressful days parents and children encounter on Rainbow 2.

Let’s face it CANCER STINKS!

BUT… One adolescent teen stated “wow I love these fruits!!! I am going to order fresh fruit everyday!!!”…when I asked her if I could quote her she said “SURE!!!”


You can expect to hear more about our WELLNESS PROGRAM in the future. In the meantime, know that every Friday something HEALTHY is happening courtesy of EarthFare and the Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund. 


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