Are We Ever Cancer Free?

When Steven was diagnosed with a secondary cancer, (AML), and then had a Bone Marrow Transplant I often wondered if he would be free of cancer. We were told that time would tell and just to enjoy the moment.

Time has passed.

This year, happily, Steve was told that he is five years out from his Bone Marrow Transplant: AND THAT IS A VERY GOOD THING!!! Good Bye Cancer!!!


Like many childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer survivors Steve struggles with secondary effects that cause unexplained aches and pains, and chronic fatigue-like symptoms. There is always the fear that something new will pop up and change his life forever. We just don’t know.

I am not sharing this information to make you feel sorry for Steven but to remind you that survivorship often has a price.

Please take time out of your busy schedule to write to your congressmen and senators about how important it is to support Childhood Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Research!

Tell them they need to support the Carolyn Pryce Walker Childhood Reauthorization Act. Read more here:

Tell them they need to support  the Childhood Cancer Survivors Quality of Life Act. Read more here:

Tell them they need to stop the National Cancer Institute from cutting funding to Childhood Cancer Research. Read more here:

Tell them to support the Patients’ Access to Treatment Act. Read more here: This will  sure insurers charge no more for specialty drugs than they currently charge for non-specialty tier brand drugs.

I am asking you as a parent, caregiver and advocate to support these Legislations that impact our children’s future. Your future.

Thank You,


LET’S FIND A BETTER WAY TO                                                                                   TREAT AND CURE CANCER!!!



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