memoryboardHello family and friends,
On Saturday, January 26, 2013 the Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund hosted its Fourth Annual fundraiser “Take a BITE out of AYA Cancer” at the St. Demetrios Cultural Center in Rocky River, Ohio. Four hundred (I like writing that number out) supporters attended the successful event. Our supporters helped us raise over $28,000 for AYA Cancer Research and Education. This was our best effort ever!!!
In attendance were family, friends, pediatric oncology researchers and AYA Cancer medical team members. We were awestruck by the number of people who helped us Take a BITE out of AYA Cancer.
What a night! Our fundraising team and volunteers, under the fantastic coordinating efforts of Tina Poulos, prepared and attended to the Silent Auction, Chinese raffle, 50/50 raffle, Side Boards, and Lots of Liquor raffle which helped create a constant buzz of anticipation and excitement throughout the evening.
Following the Opening Prayer by Fr. James Doukas, we were entertained by Take Five Jazz Band who serenaded us with their classic jazz sound during dinner. After dinner we had a brief presentation hosted by MC Nick Giallourakis who introduced the AYA Cancer Researchers from Dr. Alex Huang’s Lab of UH/Case Medical Center, including this year’s Steven G AYA Cancer Scholarship recipient Dr. David Askew.
After the presentation of AYA Cancer Researchers, a video was shown to the entire group. Thanks to the Meredith A. Cowden Foundation for sharing an important video titled “A Day in the Life of Young Adults with GVHD (graft vs. host disease)”. The video provided the perfect testimony for the importance of supporting AYA Cancer Research. (This video can be found in our blog or at the Cowden Foundation website.)
After the brief, but impactful program, the musical sound volume was kicked up a notch or two through the awesome efforts of DJ Nick Mavroides who played both Greek and American dance tunes. Needless to say, we danced the night away!!! OPA!
What a night indeed! We must thank all our Sponsors for helping fund the event, our Silent Auction and Chinese Raffle, 50/50 Raffle, Side Boards, and Lots of Liquor Donors for contributing all the wonderful prizes that helped create such an exciting evening. (Please visit our website for the Fundraiser 2013 power point presentation that identifies all our Sponsors and In Kind contributors.)
In addition, we must thank our entire fundraising team under the direction of Tina Poulos. The Fundraising Team included: Jean Hillman, Mary and Jim Diamond, Elaine Campbell, Shawna Hofstetter, Toula Pyros, Myrta Holden, Lee Santarelli, Helene and Anthony Santerelli, Elpida Kosmidis, Betty and John Poulos, CJ Mosure, Donna Vassos, Goldie Doukas, and Nick Giallourakis. These key individuals took time out of their daily lives to ensure the event would run smoothly and be successful.
Other very important individuals were Irene Steffas, Becky Giallourakis, Debbie Cooper, Diane and Nick Kariotakis, Polly Furey, Betty Rozakis, Gabby Kariotakis, Maria and Steve Alex, Catherine Morrison, Maggie Steffas, Ellie Chrisman, Claude Campbell, Tracy Michael, Michael Diamond, Josh Walsh, Phillip Cooper, Nick Rozakis, Nick Petrakis, and Tammy Asimakis.
Also, thanks to all the folks who prepared the delicious home made desserts!!! I felt like we were having a Dessert Bake Off!!!
Lastly to our entire family and friends who continue to support us each and every year. Without your support and love we could not continue our mission.
Please remember that our fundraiser is about remembering our loved ones who have lost the battle to cancer and to honor those who continue to wage the war on this horrible disease.
We will FIGHT!
We will CONQUER!
We will not rest until there is a CURE!!!
God Bless each of you.
Angie and Harry Giallourakis



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