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Letter from Steven

Hi Everyone,

For those that haven’t heard, I regret to inform you that this pass September I was diagnosed with two new cancers. If you are keeping count that makes number three and four. There are currently two tumors in my body. One is Renal Cell Carcinoma located on my right kidney. The other is what we call a Soft Tissue Sarcoma. The Sarcoma tumor is specifically caused by my previous treatment and is in my lower spinal muscles.

As you can imagine this was not expected and has taken my whole family by surprise. This new little hiccup in my life has cast many things in my life into doubt. Let me be clear though, I am doing well. I have recently finished radiation for the tumor in my back. I am currently waiting to have surgery which will be in Mid-February. Near that surgery we will also operate on the kidney mass. I will not have my kidney removed, only a very small portion of it will be removed.

Even before the discovery of these new cancers, I already viewed life a little differently. Since being diagnosed again, I have begun to question the time frame I have to achieve the goals of my life.
If you are reading this then you are acutely aware of one of them, providing for the needs of cancer patients. The truth of the matter is, that as much as I want to solve all the problems for my fellow cancer patients and survivors, I cannot do it alone. The Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund (SGAYA) is a small organization and we can’t continue this fight without your support.

Since being re-diagnosed in September I have lost three very close friends to cancer. This fight to ensure the health of our young people must become our number one priority. No matter what becomes of me in the following years, I hope that this wonderful community can continue to step up. You have already helped so much but now I must ask you to give more. Not just monetarily but physically. This is a fight that must be waged at every level of society. If we are unwilling to secure the well-being of our young people that we have failed as a society.

The measure of one’s society is not by looking at how well we can care for ourselves but rather, how well we care for those people who are the most vulnerable. My greatest fear isn’t dying, it is dying without making a difference in the lives of those who need my help the most.

We will not be having the annual fundraiser this year. We ask for your continued support in helping those like myself dealing with cancer.

To donate to the Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund visit

I love you all so much. SGAYA would not be what it is today without your generous support. I wish you all a wonderful New Year filled with happy and heartwarming moments.

Your Friend Always,
Steven Giallourakis

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