Hope photo JW

Last year, I asked my friend Jean Wendland to paint a picture that represented her definition of HOPE. After some time she created a lovely painting of a flower emerging through pavement.

I was so pleased with the painting that I wanted to dedicate this blog post to her creation.

In the world of cancer there is nothing more precious than possessing the feeling of HOPE. Where would we be without HOPE?

Over the last eight years  I have spent a good deal of time meeting and reading about young people fighting cancer. Each story is filled with moments of despair and courage.

Regardless of the outcome, however, there was always HOPE!

I believe you will agree that as Cancer Advocates we have a responsibility to believe in and find ways to create HOPE.

To promote. To encourage. To support. To love.

If a seed can germinate in a hostile environment and become a beautiful flower, then why in the world would creating HOPE be an impossibility?

I trust that you will find a way to SHARE HOPE with others.

Without HOPE we are nothing.




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