Fundraiser is Tomorrow!

Most of you already know that tomorrow is our

“Take A BITE out of AYA Cancer” Fundraiser.

So what’s the big deal???

Just another fundraiser…

…Well, let’s think about this for a minute…

We are celebrating the lives of friends and family we have lost to cancer!

We are celebrating our survivors.

We are celebrating the fact that we have pediatric oncology researchers

who devote all their time and energy to finding a better way to treat and cure cancer.

So come and join about 400 of your best friends


Raise Awareness and Money for AYA Cancer Research.

Our volunteers are working hard to ensure that YOU will have a GOOD TIME!!!

See you Saturday, January 26th, 2013.


We will FIGHT to ensure our young people have the best possible care.

We will CONQUER this horrible disease.

We will find a CURE so our children never have to suffer again.

Steve G and Alex 3-17-11 (1)Fight! Conquer! Cure!!!

God Bless,


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