Dr. Jeffrey Auletta Wins Cleveland Red Cross Hero Award

Dr Jeffrey Auletta is our Hero!!


Dr. Auletta, a pediatric oncologist at University Hospitals, tirelessly attends to the needs of his patients with professionalism, grace and commitment. Dr. Auletta serves his patients with compassion, empathy and expertise and is an endless advocate for young people who are diagnosed, in treatment or surviving cancer.

Dr. Auletta is pivotal in helping local families receive the support they need to deal with this dreaded disease. He collaborates with others around the world so that his patients receive the best care and treatment possible. He is there to celebrate his patient's successes and is also there to share in their misery and pain. He is a common denominator uniting families to cope with, fight and advocate on behalf of childhood cancer.

Doctors often give over their personal time to their patients but Dr. Auletta goes above and beyond in this, as well. Parents shared that he stayed overnight at their children's bedside, personally walked tests to the lab to get results faster, sat with his patients just to talk, and spent as much time needed with his patients so they are comfortable, educated and hopeful. Patients and parents shared that during treatment Dr. Auletta not only provided medical facts, but sincere compassion and hug when needed.

Outside of the hospital and treatment rooms, he and his family attend events for his patients such as end of treatment parties, and events for causes supporting cancer research and awareness. Dr. Auletta is a part of his patients' lives, not just a part of their treatment.


CONGRATULATIONS TO DR. JEFF, THE Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital HemOnc NURSES and STAFF, AND HIS FAMILY!!!!

(And congratualtions for receiving the Most Popular Votes in the History of the Cleveland Red Cross!!!)


The Family and Friends of Steven Giallourakis

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