Cleveland: what a great place!

Hi folks,

As I sit here watching Neptune dump another 6 inches of snow, I remember a time when Steve was in the hospital during a mega February snow storm. Harry was supposed to stay the night and I was going home…however, the weather was so incredibly awful, I just decided to remain safe in Steve’s hospital room.  Harry and I shared a single bed next to Steven… It was a good decision as the weather was wicked!

Safety in the hospital…staying over night in the hospital…common phrases we hear everyday when we are impacted by a serious illness or a planned or unplanned surgery.

We are fortunate to have that “safe place” here in Cleveland.  We our blessed to have University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic.  It’s nice to be able to choose based on one’s needs.

Interestingly folks outside of Cleveland, particularly our friends on the East and West Coasts…aren’t aware of the medical facilities available to us Clevelanders’. I recall attending a conference where out of towners’ were AMAZED at the medical facilities and AYA CANCER SERVICES  …here in Cleveland…Wow!

So this is my plug for my hometown.

And also to say…thanks.

Last but not least…we continue to deliver BE CALM STAY STRONG PACKAGES for YA Cancer Patients. Feel free to email me at to learn how you can support this important service.

Below you will see a photo of Erin Gibson, Pediatric Oncology Social Worker at the Cleveland Clinic’s Children’s Hospital, and me…with ten BE CALM STAY STRONG PACKAGES  for Ya Cancer patients and two bags of apples and two bags of oranges for their Ronald MacDonald Family Room. Anyone who has had an extended stay in a children’s hospital has likely visited the Ronald MacDonald Family Room….a great refuge.


clevel clinic photo

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