I have noticed that recently a few folks have unsubscribed to our newsletter (shock!) and after some reflection –

I figured out why….

Life around our homestead has been peaceful, well sort of…Let’s face it, we ARE HAVING A FUNDRAISER THIS COMING WEEKEND.

But – Steven is well.

Thank God.


So, lately my messages have been about research, people,

special events like CUREFEST


and our awesome

Be Calm & Stay Strong Wellness Program.

So, yes life is boring – and isn’t that grand???

But please remember that there are hundreds of families out there

who would like to be bored.

Their children are fighting for their lives.

Let’s pray for them.

Let’s send them love and support.

And, let’ s support

Childhood, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Research. 

Remember, we will not rest until there is a Cure!

(not so boring after all…)

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