News. Change. And Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends,

I hope and pray all of you are well!

I will keep it short (ha!) as this is a busy time of year…

Special Announcement!

We are happy to announce that the Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund will own Elephants and Tea Magazine ( ) January 1, 2020.

Our Mission will remain the same.

The mission of Elephants and Tea will also remain the same: It is a media company for the AYA cancer community with all its content being free to those that need it and helping to inspiring each other.

Now, any revenue generated by Elephants and Tea will go towards continuing to provide free content to the AYA community, funding free wellness kits for AYA patients and advocating and funding cancer research.

The current Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund Board has voted and elected Nick Giallourakis to be the Executive Director effective January 1, 2020.  Responsibilities will include overseeing Steven G AYA Cancer Research Fund operations and business development, which also includes Elephants and Tea.

Is there going to be a January Fundraiser at St. Demetrios Cultural Center?

Not this year…

But keep a look out for more opportunities to keep our mission going and growing as 2020 begins!

Last but not least……

On behalf of the Giallourakis Family and SGAYA Board Members:

We wish you a blessed Holiday Season filled with peace and harmony.