Cancer City Challenge

Cancer City Challenge

Cancer City Challenge – Cleveland vs Pittsburgh
Rival cities coming together to take cancer head on!

Cleveland and Pittsburgh are one the greatest city rivals in the United States, but both cities agree that cancer needs to be tackled together. That is why The Steven G. AYA Cancer Research Fund, Elephants and Tea (from Cleveland) and Young Adult Survivors United (from Pittsburgh) are teaming up to combine efforts to raise funds for helping adolescent and young adults facing cancer.

Throughout the months of September and October, our organizations are creating fun (and free) events and competitions to raise money for each other.

Here is a list for you to join and share with your friends:
September 2nd: The Kickoff – Welcome to Cancer City Challenge and Trivia!
September 16th: Wine and Chocolate Tasting
September 30th: CLE and PIT Trivia Night!
The Entire Month of September: Miles Challenge

October 14th: Whiskey or Bourbon Tasting
October 18th: Virtual Tailgate Party – Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers

While the competitions are focused on Cleveland and Pittsburgh, you do not have to be from these cities to participate! If you love us and what we do, we welcome you to participate and have fun with us.

While all these events are free, donations are encouraged BECAUSE we want to see which city can raise the most money!

The executive director of the losing organization will have to record a video in the other team’s football jersey, claiming their love for their rival!

So, mark your calendars for these events and be on the lookout for more announcements and raffles from each organization to see who can raise more funds to help those facing cancer!

Click here to register for the events!

Click here to donate to Cleveland Organization (Steven G. AYA Cancer Research Fund & Elephants and Tea)

Click here to donate to Pittsburgh Organization (Young Adult Survivors United)

Nick Giallourakis (SGAYA & Elephants and Tea) and Stephanie Scoletti (YASU)