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Caregiving and Depression – Angie’s Article at the Cancer Knowledge Network

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“Take a Bite Out of AYA Cancer” Presentation

2013 Take a Bite Out of AYA Cancer Fundraiser from fightconquercure

GVHD – A Day in the Life Of

The video provides a sensitive perspective on the lives of four young people (including Steven G) dealing with life after Bone Marrow Transplant and having GVHD. The Video was made possible through The Meredith Cowden Foundation.

2012 Recipient of the Steven G AYA Cancer Research Scholarship

$15,000 awarded to David Askew, Ph.D. who is a researcher with Dr. Alex Huang’s Laboratory at the University Hospital Case Medical School. Dr. David Askew will focus his research effort to study how leukemia cells establish themselves in the bone marrow and the mechanisms by which these cells cross the blood-brain barrier to invade the…
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