Month: August 2011

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Take Time To Acknowledge Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

                                                                                                         School started this week…
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  What would you do if your oncologist informed you that your child's life saving medications were no longer available? According to Oncology Times (OT), August 10, 2011, Volume 33, No. 15: The Oncology Drug Shortages will threaten patient treatment. Consider your reaction if you were told that your child's life saving chemotherapy drugs were…
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GvHD National Symposium 2011

  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH RENAISSANCE CLEVELAND HOTEL CLEVELAND, OHIO PLEASE CLICK ON LINK TO VIEW AGENDA FINAL AGENDA 11.4.11 (2)   This is an important event for anyone interested in learning more about Acute or Chronic Graft Vs. Host Disease. GvHD is a serious, and sometimes life threatening condition that can occur following a Bone…
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Inaugural PAYA Symposium Scheduled for September 1st, 2011

Join us for the Inaugural PAYA (Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult) Cancer Symposium. For more information please click the link to read the Program Brochure! PAYA Program 8-2011

AYA’s At Risk of Becoming Infertile Due To Chemotherapy Treatment

AYA Cancer Patients are at-risk of becoming infertile as a result of their chemotherapy treatment. Patients should discuss fertility preservation options with their oncologist. Research studies indicate that Pediatric, and AYA Oncology Patients and their families should be made aware of the risk of infertility and be given the opportunity to ask questions about their…
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The Jeremy Cares Golf Outing held last Saturday (8/13/11) was a complete success! Over $16,000 was raised to help families affected by cancer. Hats off to everyone who supported this wonderful event!

What is the correct age for AYAO (adolescent and young adult oncology?)

Experts say it depends on the situation, the individual, the context of the person being treated. But the age range could be from 15 – 39 years of age according to the NCI.